Fortifying Futures

For over two decades we have been committed to giving clients personalized advice — advice that is in their best interest. An important part of our process is obtaining a solid understanding of each client’s goals and needs. By establishing a financial foundation and a defined path, we work closely together to help meet their milestones.

Why Stonemark

By holding to our core values and prioritizing your experience, we aim to provide you with the support you need to help achieve your life-long goals.

Our Values

We have built our company and our culture on these core values.

Our Experience

We aim to build a trusted relationship through these core principles.

Our History

Deep-seeded in wealth management, we have always strived to provide our clients with relevant, comprehensive advice. In 2016, we became an independent registered investment advisor, allowing us to further our commitment to doing what is right by our clients. As our firm continues to evolve, our vision of putting the client first remains.


The core team began working together at Tower Asset Management, a division of ML Stern & Co., in Beverly Hills, CA. where our primary focus was entrenched in wealth management.


ML Stern & Co. was sold to a publicly traded broker dealer/bank. We merged with WESPAC Advisors LLC, a retirement plan and benefits services company, and expanded their services to include 401K administration, insurance and business services.


Our team left Tower and formed WESPAC Advisors SoCal, LLC, an independent registered investment advisor.


WESPAC re-strategizes itself and becomes Stonemark Wealth Management.


With new goals for ourselves and our clients, we look toward making their futures as solid as ours.